Gimpel the Fool Essay

Gimpel the fool

In the story “Gimpel the fool”, Gabriel Garcia has spiced up every chapter with a lot of literature figures that include: metaphors, irony among others. The story is a short fiction and its story line is about Gimpel the fool and each episode remains interesting thus making it to pass an educative message to all readers. The question many people ask themselves after reading the story is Gimpel a wise man or a fool? Although, Gimpel is portrayed as a fool he is indeed a wise man and one compare him to an angel. Gimpel shows that he is a wise man by loving all children whether they are his or not. Indeed he is not swayed by any temptation and he takes the advantage of what others say about him to do the good things. For example, at school kids call him a fool but he remains sympathetic to other in what he does (Singer, 2006).

As a matter of fact, Gimpel is an honest person and all through the story he shines and whatever he took place he just tells us exactly how it happened and the place the incident happened. In the introduction, it is shown that he doesn’t make any lie and he takes the Wisdom of the Fathers. To this effect, Gimpel does not listen to what other people talk about him but he does what he thinks is right and this makes him very wise as compared to other characters in the story. In addition to this, Gimpel is nonviolent as shown from the revelation of the author which shows that he is physically abused by his wife and his “brothers” who assaults him but Gimpel endures all the pain. Generally we can conclude that Gimpel is wise man and not a fool as many people in the story take him to be a fool.

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