Braggioni Essay


Katherine Anne Porter in her story “Flowering Judas” uses a lot of symbolism and thematic unity of characters in the whole story. The author of the story employs a lot of flashbacks and the events are given chronologically. The theme centers on the Obregon Revolution of 1920s in Mexico. The story begins with Laura who is from America who goes on to teach English to children in Mexico. She plays a vital role in the revolution. At home is Braggioni, who is the leader of the revolution tries to seduce Laura into a romantic relationship by singing to her but Laura does not give in and Braggioni goes back and reconciles with his wife who has been suffering for very long period of time.

Porter portrays Braggioni as a betrayer in that though he is the leader of the revolution that was taking place in Mexico he maintains this position by using intimidation and spying. In addition to this, he loves pleasure in and though he has a wife who he has been in love with for a very long period of time he is unfaithful to her. Braggioni leaves his wife to suffer for a very long time and goes to the home of Laura where he tries to seduce her to a romantic relationship by singing to her but Laura turns down his request and Braggioni is forced to go back to his long suffering wife (Bloom, 2005). Furthermore, Braggioni loves luxury as depicted by the fine clothes that he wears and the rich food that he indulges making him obese. Porter tells us that it is with the luxury that Braggioni indulges in, that makes him to pursue Laura for love.

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